We’ve been in the industry forever, but
we are young.

We have huge amount of experience in IT, Software Development, Web & Mobile Apps and Social Media Presence, but we love learning something new.

There’s always something new, but we know how stuff work.

We like gadgets, we like all the new interesting stuff, and we love digital world.

DEV International is IT company with three dedicated divisions covering three different areas of our business: software and web development, digital and social media communication and brand-new area of home automation.

The Smart Home Automation division of DEV operates under the name SMARTHUB.DEV

Our Skillset

Software & WEB

Software specifically tailored for the needs of your company.
From start to finish, a beautiful and unique website.


Expert advise for consistent and secure social media communication.
Right media approach for particular business needs.


SMARTHUB.DEV - brand-new area of home automation
DEV is not only an IT but also an IoT company!


Our strength is our ability to integrate different technologies.


While other companies offer their business software products based on one technology and with little or no interest to help you in integration with your existing software platform or information system, we do the opposite.

We help our clients bridge the gap between different systems, different software, making their everyday job a lot easier.


With almost two decades of experience in web developing, we make the process of creating a website fast, clean and simple!

Have any design ideas of your own? We can make them come true.

Our clients love what we do, the way we do it.



Since the appearance of the first social networks, we are on them.
Exploring, creating, learning.

Our experience is vast and most importantly, it’s backed up by results. Every company is different, and so are it’s needs.

In today’s world, crude numbers are losing. We know how to pin point your target audience with laser precision.

With our guidance, you will have the most effective social media approach that will enhance and augment your marketing strategy.

And, if you don’t have one, we can create it together.

We are building custom home automation systems suited for particular customer.
We do not tie ourselves and our customers to one brand of smart home devices but instead we are bringing different technologies and different brands of smart home devices together in a single system.
Our smart home systems are technology agnostic.
The system that you have the full control of, and that is not dependent on any of smart home service provider’s external servers is what our customers ask for the most.